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9 Marketing Calendar Templates That Get You Better Results

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A marketing calendar template can help you stay organized and cover your bases so you’re not forgetting important tasks. Most importantly, it forces you to get a bird’s eye view of your marketing. You want to make sure every task has a purpose, instead of getting stuck in the weeds of managing day-to-day requirements.

Fortunately, you don’t have to build a template from scratch. In this post, we show the different types of marketing calendar templates, help you decide which is right for you, and showcase options that you can mix and match.

Why you need a marketing calendar template

While marketing looks like magic on the outside, on the inside it’s a lot of work. A study of 10,000 knowledge workers found that marketers spend more than 60% of their time on unnecessary tasks that don’t provide business value, such as searching through emails, shifting their priorities, attending meetings, and communicating about the statuses of various projects. The same study also found that 9 out of 10 marketers think their teams aren’t as effective as they could be because they don’t have the right tools and processes in place to help them manage their work.

A marketing calendar template can help you get everyone on the same page and set goals and tasks well ahead of time. If you use a fully featured marketing platform that includes a calendar, you can also shave time off of unnecessary manual work, communication, and delegation.

For example, StoryChief includes a marketing calendar, briefing, assigning, reviewing, blog publishing, blog promotion, and social media scheduling.

Types of marketing calendar templates

A printable PDF is a popular type of template, but there are others which can be more useful.

  • Platforms - A platform is essentially software that allows you to create and manage a calendar template. Platforms are more flexible, because you can build a marketing calendar that suits your needs, and turn all of the tasks and to-dos into real work. Some platforms allow you to publish directly to your marketing channels according to your calendar, while others combine calendar features with project management tools.
  • Quizzes and generators - A quiz or generator is something that allows you to put data in and get a calendar template out. These can be a great fit for small business owners who don’t know how to build a marketing calendar themselves. They can be used in combination with platforms.
  • Spreadsheets, docs, and PDFs - Spreadsheets, docs, and PDFs are more of an old-school way to create marketing calendar templates. That’s because they are passive and can’t help you actually manage the work. However, these resources are still useful because they can help you learn more about marketing and what to do. For best results, they should serve as inspiration, but your actual calendar should be managed with a platform that offers the features you need.

9 helpful marketing calendar templates

Not sure what platforms and resources to use? Here are our top picks.

1. StoryChief

Template type: Platform

What it does:

StoryChief is a content operations software that includes a content marketing calendar as one of its key features. The calendar ties to not just tasks, but real content. For example, you can create a new blog to be published next week, and invite the writer to actually write the blog inside of StoryChief. Then, when they are ready, you can add assets from the digital management system and publish the blog to your CMS. You can filter out tasks in the calendar by team, member, channels, campaigns, content type, and status.

Here’s everything you can do with StoryChief:

  • Collaborate on articles and social media posts in one place
  • Publish content to all your channels
  • Manage content calendar and streamline operations
  • Improve SEO of your content and rank higher in Google
  • Manage and reuse uploaded videos and images
  • Integrates with your DAM, CMS and CRM tools
  • Analyze and review content marketing performance

Best fit for:

StoryChief is a great fit for content marketing teams that want to save time on assigning, reviewing, publishing, and promoting content. By bringing everything in one place, you’ll not only save time but be able to execute on your strategy better and measure results.

2. Asana

Asana marketing calendar template

Template type: Platform

What it does:

Asana is a project management solution that can be used by any team but is frequently used by marketers. With Asana, you can map out complex campaigns across multiple teams (such as creatives, product marketers, SEOs, and media buyers).

Best fit for:

Asana is a good fit for large marketing teams that want to bring everyone together for integrated campaigns.

3. Hubspot’s Marketing Plan Generator

Template type: Quiz and plan generator

What it does:

Hubspot’s Marketing Plan Generator is an interactive quiz that will give you a 12-month plan. Answer questions about your business’s mission and what you offer, and it will help you identify important iniatives to tackle this coming year. It’s fun to fill out and only takes a few minutes.

Best fit for:

This marketing calendar generator is a great fit for small business owners who need help figuring out how to market their businesses. After all, a blank calendar template won’t do much good if you don’t know how to fill it out. You can use this generator in combination with other tools on this list.

4. Search Engine Journal’s Marketing Calendar

Template type: Spreadsheet

What it does:

Do you want to plan out multiple marketing strategies? With this template, you can get a bird’s eye view of your email marketing, social media, events, PPC, SEO, direct mail, influencer marketing, and other strategies. Use the color-coded system to map out what you’ll be working on each quarter and week. Of course, this is meant for a high-level overview, and won’t help you actually manage these campaigns. But, it is a great fit for planning your top priorities.

Best fit for:

This is a great fit for marketing managers who want to get clear on their priorities before delegating tasks.

5. Convince and Convert’s Content Calendar Template

Template type: Spreadsheet and PDF

What it does:

Convince and Convert offers a simple marketing calendar template. It encourages you to think of your marketing like “shows.” What are the exciting pieces of content that will lure your target audience in? What are the one-off tasks, campaigns, and foundational changes you need to tackle? What are the “regularly scheduled shows” you need to do continuously, like publishing new blogs or posting on Twitter? By separating the work this way, you’ll have a more visual way to understand your priorities.

Best fit for:

This is a great fit for content marketers and content creators who want to clarify their one-off projects and ongoing tasks.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite marketing calendar template

Template type: Platform

What it does:

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool that lets you create a social content calendar, publish to your channels, engage your audience, and analyze your results. It doesn’t work for blog posts or creating blog posts to promote podcast episodes and videos. It only works for social media, so if you’re looking for a more comprehensive tool, consider StoryChief.

Best fit for:

This is a great fit for social media marketers who don’t manage other forms of marketing, like blogging or podcasting.

7. Template.net’s Monthly Marketing Calendar

Template type: Word Doc and PDF

What it does:

Template.net offers all sorts of different templates for knowledge workers and business owners. Their calendar is one of the few marketing calendar templates that can fit on a single page. Use it to plan your months and quarters.

Best fit for:

Marketers who want to pin up their top priorities on their wall so they stay focused every month.

8. ClickUp

Template type: Platform

What it does:

One of the fastest growing software companies, ClickUp is popular because you can toggle between multiple views for the same project: kanban board, list, and calendar. So, you’d be able to see a calendar-view of all of your upcoming tasks, as well as where they are in the process.

Best fit for:

Like Asana, this is a fit for managing marketers across multiple teams. ClickUp can’t publish directly to your social media channels or CMS the way that StoryChief can, however, so this is only a fit if you’re looking for a dedicated project management software.

9. Airtable

Template type: Part platform, part spreadsheet

What it does:

Airtable is a popular software app that puts a unique spin on spreadsheets. You can turn spreadsheets into more powerful tools by incorporating automations and linking the spreadsheets to tasks and assignments. You can create tables that link to each other and make sure that all collaborators know what they’re supposed to be doing. For example, you could use their Global Marketing Calendar Template to create goals. Then, tie those goals to various campaigns, each of which will have its own tables. Inside of the tabels, you can assign to-dos to colleagues.

Best fit for:

This is a great fit for large, advanced marketing teams managing complex campaigns. It’s a favorite among SEO and PPC managers who need to do keyphrase research, but most content marketers and creatives don’t find it useful as it doesn’t help you optimize your content or publish to your CMS.

Create a marketing calendar that actually manages your marketing

It’s important to strategize and plan ahead. But just writing things down on a calendar won’t actually get them done. Use our content operations software to map out content in a calendar, then assign that content to collaborators, publish it, and promote it.

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