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So Yes

"Since we started using StoryChief, we have seen an increase in traffic, and we can easily see which blogs are catching on, and how we can best continue working."

Sofie Ternest, Founder
About So Yes
So Yes is a brand that sells fashionable clothing for people with a physical disability. Servicing their clients through their webshop, they needed to attract more visitors to their website.

In order to do so, they set up a content marketing strategy to reach their target audience. All they needed was an easy-to-use content creation and distribution platform.
"It is nice that even for people without an IT background, we can work very smoothly with the platform.
StoryChief is really user-friendly."
How we helped So Yes
Executing a content marketing strategy can be overwhelming when you start out. How do you set up your blog? And how do you monitor your content marketing efforts?

With our William Blog, So Yes started instantly with their execution. They write their content while they get real-time tips to improve their SEO and readability scores.
Easy content management and scheduling
Creating a lot of content means you have to organize yourself. Thanks to our easy-to-use content calendar, So Yes can manage and schedule their posts without any worries.
Social media growth on autopilot
After they've finished a story, So Yes can immediately create and schedule posts for their social media channels. This way, they can automate their social media presence.
High performing blog posts
Executing a marketing strategy is only effective when you have the data to analyse your efforts. We share which blog articles and social media posts are hitting the bullseye and which aren't.
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