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Meet StoryChief. Your content marketing solution that helps you manage your Wordpress blog / newsletters / social media posts / content hubs and more, all in ONE place

Trusted by thousands of happy users and customers and featured in major publications
Thibaut Samzun
Digital Operations Specialist @ Besix
At BESIX, we switched from Prezly to StoryChief because it improves our content publishing flow! From 3 hours to less than 5 minutes to publish on (almost) all our media. I didn't take yet into account the time we will gain with the copywriting flow.

Efficient support, Time saver, one tool to manage the whole content publishing flow
Glenn Vanhaeren
Multi-language blog, easy to manage by non-tech team members. Cross-channel publishing is a time saver. Awesome UI / UX. Great support. We have been using StoryChief as a paying user for over 8 months now. We love that we can just focus on our blog posts and let StoryChief publish them to all of our Social Media channels in one click.
Ivan Braun
Founder @
StoryChief is like Buffer, but for articles. It is also a way to deal less with the WordPress backend.
Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area. Editor is far superior to the WordPress one
Rick Bannerman
Digital Marketing Consultant @ SocialGorillas
Instantly cut our content process in half. Moved over from using Dropbox Paper which was a nightmare to get into WordPress. This system is very well thought out, and every time I think "It would be great if it did..." I find out it already does. It's literally replaced 3 other tools or manual steps we were using. Super easy to use and highly intuitive.

Stop worrying about the technical stuff and focus fully on the creative process

Bridge the gap between your content marketing and WordPress
Write compelling blog posts that are SEO proof
Say goodbye to styling and embed issues. Our editor helps you to focus on writing while giving you SEO assistance and visual revision history.
Syndicate your blog posts to social media, newsletters, and content hubs without doing additional work. No restriction to the amount of channels

Go multichannel and say goodbye to copy-pasting

Invite colleagues, clients, and guest writers and start writing and reviewing blog posts. Unlimited users? Yep, that's right!

Collaborate without giving access to your Wordpress site

How StoryChief solves your duplicate content issues.
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Schedule your blog posts for publishing and see your entire schedule at a glance inside your editorial calendar.

Start scheduling blog posts

Embed content from your favorite tools
Measure actual reads, time spent in blog posts, views, and clicks of your content across all the channels you publish to

See the ROI of your efforts

Supports SEO plugins natively:

StoryChief plugins for Wordpress


Wordpress made easy

Put a layer of powerful features above your Wordpress installation
Distraction-free blog editor
Content calendar
Sideload images for Wordpress
Optimize SEO from the editor
Requires additional software
Group your stories in campaigns
Requires additional software
No technical setup
Easy-to-use interface
Invite guest writers
Requires additional software
Content approval flow
Requires additional software
Stories automatically optimized for mobile
Requires additional software
Google AMP support
Requires additional software
Publish to Google My Business
Requires additional software
Publish multichannel automatically
Requires additional software
Publish to multiple websites in one click
Requires additional software
Publish to Facebook Instant Articles
requires additional software
Trigger ambassadors to reshare
Requires additional software
Track analytics of stories in-app
Requires additional software
Try us out for two weeks. No hassle. No charge.
Give StoryChief a spin and try us out for two weeks. And if it doesn't work out between us? No worries. You won't pay a dime.
Work together with your team
Keep all your content in one place
Build better relationships with your audience
Integrates with your favorite tools
Share stories with employees and journalists