Content Marketing
Mini Guide

How to become a Thought Leader in your niche and dominate Google Search with content
Guide on how to become a content hero
Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing endeavors yet generates 3x the amount of leads. (Source: DemandMetric)

Content Marketing is the most efficient and sustainable way to drive attention to your brand. It's never have been so important as now to nurture your potential customers with the right content. Because if you as a business help them succeed at what they do by providing your tips and tricks and insights, you'll become a thought leader, expert in your niche, this results in trust and eventually in sales.

1. Why?
  • ..Solve a problem for your target audience or meet a need they have
  • ..Have a system in place for getting regular traffic
  • ..Bring visitors further into the buying cycle
  • ..Stay on-brand and foster brand loyalty
This content writing checklist will help
2. Your content should:
1. Identify your target customers
2. Discover their struggles and desires
3. Determine your best content channels
4. Ideate large, high-value content pieces for your top channels
5. Architect your funnels and promotions
3. How?

How to dominate Google Search

Build Organic traffic
Build Brand awareness
Find the keyword you want to focus on. How do we find them?

By using Google Keyword Planner
By looking at your competitors with SEMrush.
By looking at your current keyword ranking inside Google Webmaster

When you have a list of keywords use Ubersuggest to see if it is worth investing in a given keyword. Is the competition high?

    Step 1: keyword research
    Step 2: write and distribute content
    Seek compelling content ideas with
    Write content with the keywords from step 1

    Use to craft content with a virtual SEO assistant and to distribute articles to multiple channels with a click:

    • Crossposting canonically to,, multiple CMS and RSS channels
    • Sharing to Social Media: Facebook groups, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, LinkedIn personal accounts, Twitter, Slack, etc..
    • Automatically trigger your co-workers and fans to reshare to their network
    • Send content to email lists

    PRO TIP: How To Create Interesting Long Reads That Will Actually Engage Your Audience
    Check the ranking of your new keywords
    • Optimize when needed by changing the title and meta description
      When you score well for a given keyword start seeking long-tail keywords and add them to your article. Your long-tail keyword reach will skyrocket.
    PRO TIP: Make sure to set up UTM tags for each campaign
    Step 3: analyze your content
    Create backlinks to your websites and generate more returning visitors

    Build backlinks:
    Use Ahrefs to seek websites to contact for backlinks by looking at competition, and use to work on your link building.

    Build returning visitors
    Send newsletters and use browser push notifications each time you publish an article by using
    Step 4: Google likes brands that people love
    Tools that will help you succeed
    Keyword and content research:
    Google Keyword Planner

    Planning and Strategy:
    Husky Marketing Tool

    Creating and distributing content:

    Capturing and managing leads
    Salesflare CRM
    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: We don't have any affiliate connections with these tools. We just find them very useful and think you might think so too.