How Blue River Marketing and StoryChief help lawyers thrive with unique content

Blue River Marketing, a content marketing agency specialized in serving the legal sector, has transformed its content strategy and empowered law firms to stand out and grow with the help of StoryChief. This is their success story.

What sets StoryChief apart is the ability to collaborate with clients on content while monitoring your SEO score as you write. This enables us to achieve excellent results for our clients.
Bart Huijs
Content Marketer at Blue River Marketing

Before integrating StoryChief into their workflow, Blue River Marketing faced the challenge of managing various tools for content creation, planning, and communication with clients.

This fragmented approach made it difficult to maintain control over their processes and efficiently communicate with their clientele.

They found StoryChief to be a smarter way to create and manage content for their clients in the legal sector, allowing them to streamline their workflow and maintain better control.

Streamlined processes and collaboration

StoryChief brought a sense of control and structure to Blue River Marketing's workflow. No longer did they need to switch between multiple tools. Clients now had a convenient place to track project progress, provide feedback, and approve content.

The agency could now work closely with their clients in real-time, receiving invaluable SEO and readability suggestions while writing. This collaboration went beyond mere editing, allowing Blue River Marketing to coach lawyers in crafting clear, engaging texts.

We've gained a stronger grasp on our operations, while offering our clients a smoother experience. They are well-informed about their content's progress and how to provide feedback.

Increased content engagement

Thanks to StoryChief's analytical capabilities, Blue River Marketing gained deep insights into which content resonated most for their clients.

Armed with this data, they could tailor their strategies with precision, leading to significantly higher audience engagement with the content they distributed for their clients.

When we implement StoryChief with our clients, we consistently witness a remarkable surge in social media engagement, often by several hundred percentage points.

Creating unique stories to help legal practices thrive

Blue River Marketing has not only become more efficient in content creation but has also sharpened its focus on helping legal practices thrive in the competitive world of law.

With StoryChief's content creation and collaboration features, they've honed their expertise in compelling narratives that distinguish law firms from their competitors

Although our clients were already using other tools, they fortunately made the transition effortlessly and are now experiencing the benefits of StoryChief firsthand.

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