Bridgeneers united 20 agency stakeholders for content collaboration and distribution using StoryChief

Bridgeneers is a communication agency specializing in working with clients that try to make a difference. For one of their clients in the tourist industry, Vlaanderen Vakantieland, they were in need of a centralized content hub to bring together 20+ partners and editors together to create, edit and publish their stories.

20+ editors
unified in one collaborative platform
Our client's content workflow was highly inefficient, taking longer than a month. It involved extensive back-and-forth email exchanges with Word files, multiple versions, and an additional SEO check, adding significant complexity to the process.
Thomas Klein
Head of Digital at Bridgeneers

Distribute content effectively to reach your audience

With an extensive array of articles on Vlaanderen Vakantieland's website, the goal was clear: activate, motivate, and inspire individuals to embark on a journey in Flanders. This content needed to reach the masses through multiple channels.

However, their existing content creation process was far from ideal - inefficient, time-consuming, and riddled with collaboration challenges. It involved emailing numerous document versions, cumbersome SEO checks, and a lack of centralized coordination. This prompted Bridgeneers to search for a solution, leading them to StoryChief.

One platform to collaborate with 20 stakeholders

StoryChief offered a centralized platform for over 20 partners, editors, and their agency to collaborate, create, and publish content with ease. Every aspect of their content process, from initial input to versions, found a centralized home within StoryChief. It was a game-changer, simplifying their content management and distribution.

As an agency, I would recommend StoryChief to centralize your content, to produce and publish it. And it's a tool that is very pleasant to work with.

Effortless SEO optimization and multi-channel publishing

Imagine coordinating with a team of over 20 individuals - a sea of different tools to navigate. Bridgeneers recognized that efficiency was essential, and StoryChief provided the answer.

Here's how StoryChief transformed Bridgeneers' content creation process:

  1. Creating a more efficient workflow: The in-app editor facilitated team collaboration, streamlining content creation, and editing.
  2. Automating content publishing: Once content received approval from the editor-in-chief, scheduling posts became a breeze, saving time and effort.
  3. Making SEO effortless: StoryChief's native SEO Optimizer eliminated the need for third-party SEO applications. It allowed Bridgeneers to craft content that appealed to readers and search engines without ever leaving the StoryChief platform.

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