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"Ik schrijf normaal nooit reviews, maar wauw. Binnen het kwartier was ik klaar om te starten en waren we meteen gekoppeld aan 12 verschillende publicatiekanalen" – onze community
From the Product Hunt Community
Pieter Gunst
CEO @Legal.io

I am incredibly excited about @StoryChiefApp. Anyone who creates multichannel content, needs approval workflows or wants to plan campaigns should check this out. Beautiful intuitive product, completely beats much more established alternatives like Hubspot.
Glenn Vanhaeren
CTO @Peepl.io

We have been using StoryChief as a paying user for over 8 months now mainly for our blog (blog.peepl.io) and really enjoy using their platform. We love that we can just focus on our blog posts and let StoryChief publish them to all of our Social Media channels in one click. They actively listen to feedback.
Ali Colwell
Head of Marketing @Salesflare

The team at StoryChief.io is really creating some magic. I'm so excited to see where they take this brilliant product!
Burak Özkösem
Digital Strategist, PhD, Tangoholic

I signed up and got into writing my first story in less than 5 minutes. APIs function well, limited number of stories, but I didn't see any flaws. I just have to wait for the SEO report to see if it made any difference :)

It's a great product which we needed badly!
Ivan Braun
CEO @Icons8

Initially, I thought about StoryChief as an automation tool; it's like Buffer, but for articles. After I used it for a while, I figured out it's also great as

1) a planning tool
2) a way to deal less with WordPress. Somehow I like WordPress, but hate their admin area.
Kasper Vancoppenolle
Freelance Growth Marketeer

I've tried StoryChief a couple of times, and I constantly see the product evolving. The team is doing a great job, solving some real pains for anyone in content marketing or on editorial teams.

Thibaut Samzun
Digital Operations Specialist @ Besix
Bij BESIX ruilden we Prezly in voor StoryChief omdat het onze contentpublicatieflow verbetert! We gingen van 3 uur naar minder naar 5 minuten om content te publiceren op (bijna) al onze media. En dan heb ik nog niet berekend hoeveel tijd we zullen winnen met de copywritingflow.

Efficiënte ondersteuning, grote tijdsbesparing, één tool om de volledige contentpublicatieflow te beheren.
Glenn Vanhaeren
CTO @ Peepl.io
Meertalige blog, gemakkelijk te beheren door niet-tech teamleden. Cross-channel publiceren bespaart ons veel tijd. Geweldige UI/UX. Supergoede ondersteuning. We gebruiken StoryChief nu al meer dan 8 maanden als betalende gebruiker. We vinden het geweldig dat we ons gewoon kunnen focussen op onze blogberichten en StoryChief ze met één klik kan publiceren op al onze socialmediakanalen.
Ivan Braun
Oprichter @ Icons8.com
StoryChief is net als Buffer, maar dan voor artikels. Het zorgt er ook voor dat we minder in de WordPress backend moeten werken.
Ik ben wel fan van WordPress, maar ik gruwel van hun admin-gedeelte. De editor is veel beter dan wat WordPress aanbiedt
Rick Bannerman
Digital Marketing Consultant @ SocialGorillas
Ons contentproces werd instant gehalveerd. We zochten een alternatief voor Dropbox Paper, wat een nachtmerrie was met WordPress. Het systeem van StoryChief is goed uitgedacht en elke keer ik denk ‘Het zou geweldig zijn, moest het ook ...’ dan ontdek ik dat de tool dat al aanbiedt. StoryChief heeft letterlijk 3 andere tools of manuele stappen voor ons vervangen. Heel eenvoudig te gebruiken en erg intuïtief.
Video voluntarily made by one of our users David Furguson check out the full article at https://www.techsmartboss.com/blog/story-chief-cool-tech-of-the-week/
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Video voluntarily made by one of our users Anthony Veltri. Check out his great services at https://contentmarketingservice.com/
A must-have for content teams. Instant Value
I've been playing with this for a few weeks now and I'm completely in love with it. You don't have to worry about shelfware with this one. This is a very polished app that you can start using right away. It's already saved me a ton of time in the content creation / distribution process and I'm just getting started with it. I've begun rolling this out with one company I work with that has a 10-person content team where all writers are responsible for different campaigns and blog content. This app literally fit almost perfectly into their process already and replaced a big chunk of it while making it 20 times easier. It also provides more insight into which campaigns are getting the most traction.
Super app & team!
Just got to say the team at StoryChief are amazing!

They added SEOPress support to their WordPress plugin within a few days and now today support to sideload all your blog images on to your WordPress site :) That shows me that the team is going the extra mile to support their community and make StoryChief the best it can be :)
The best tool for the content artist
As the title says, it is no doubt one of the best tools for writing a story or posting a blog.

The best part I like about is the SEO feature to make your content Search Engine Friendly and help you with ranking—even if your site lacks that.
The best tool for the content artist
I am loving it for the very basic reason - it's a complete solution for content creation and distribution.

If you believe in the 80/20 rule of content marketing (which you should), StoryChief can be your perfect companion for this.

The team is very responsive and feedback-hungry which is great. The frequent activity in their public roadmap tells a lot.

Fantastic app
I needed a blog with this level of detail. Fortunately, I am excited i got this. StoryChief contains everything to make your blog become a smash hit.

PROS: A ton of fantastic integrations

CONS: None really. Except maybe I didn't see a code editor(or github gist integration). This isn't really a downer, and who would have thought a techie would want to use this for techie related blogging.

Fantastic execution. Its a must-have!

Amazing Tools & Support Team!
Seriously one of the best deals I have ever bought.

The blog alone is worth the price, but we get everything else too! If you want to have great content over many sites without penalty for say, local sites, this deal is amazing! Also you can post to WordPress blog pages, not just the home page. It looks beautiful. It's functional, and I cant believe how amazing this is...
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