Wat onze klanten over ons zeggen


"Bij BESIX zijn we overgestapt op StoryChief omdat het onze content publishing flow verbetert. Van 3 uur naar minder dan 5 minuten om te publiceren op (bijna) al onze media."

Thibaut Samzun
Digital & Sponsoring Expert



BESIX has evolved from an esteemed contractor into a full-service enterprise that brings added value to any construction around the globe. It has grown into a multidisciplinary company with a leading position in construction, property development and concessions.

Their content marketing team in Belgium was looking to centralize and streamline their content workflow in order to create more and better content for their B2B audience.

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"StoryChief is een van de handigste tools die we gebruiken. Het helpt ons bij onze dagelijkse contentmarketing. Van schrijven tot publiceren, deze tools dekt alle aspecten van onze processen."

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How we helped


A large enterprise like BESIX has to strive for excellence in every business department. As does their content creation team.

They used to streamline their processes through a PR platform, but that tool just didn't seem to cut it. That's when they found a better tool: StoryChief.

  • Publishing content in seconds instead of hours
    BESIX's content publishing process used to take up to 3 hours before they published on all of their main channels. Thanks to our native integrations with all the major platforms, this process now takes seconds.
  • Scheduling content publishing ahead of time
    Instead of publishing their content manually, BESIX has automated their content publishing process. They can schedule when content goes out in a dedicated content calendar without worrying about deadlines.
  • Engage your employees to share your message
    With the Ambassador feature, they share company news and updates with their 15,000+ employees who can reshare it on their own networks. This way, they keep their employees up-to-date while generating more traffic to their content.

Dankzij alle inspanningen, vooral van het Development & Support team, is de communicatie met ons publiek een stuk gemakkelijker en sneller geworden.