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"StoryChief is super intuitive, you don't need to be a technical person to write SEO friendly stories. Just get your score to 100% and your story is optimized."

Tim Vanhaecke, Editor-In-Chief
About Chase
Chase is an urban community with hundreds of social storytellers working for a digital-first audience. They create social stories that kickstart cultural and social change.

Managing a community of hundreds of content creators is quite a task if you're not using the right tools. That's why Chase wanted to make the feedback and publishing process easier with StoryChief.

"Before StoryChief we've worked in Google Docs and an external SEO tool, but now in StoryChief it's way easier to keep track because you get live feedback on readability and SEO score while you write, without leaving flow"
How we helped Chase
Imagine having hundreds of Google Docs coming in your way per week. All of those documents need to be fact-checked and SEO-proof before they go out.

That was the reality Chase was dealing with. They realized that there was a more simple way to streamline this process. And that's where StoryChief comes in.
Editing content in real-time with your colleagues
We don't like it when you need to send multiple versions of documents to your colleagues before you can actually publish your content. Thanks to our in-app editor, you can comment and approve content in real-time.
Create content that gets on the top page of Google
You can create the best content out there but if it's not SEO-proof, nobody's going to read it. That's why we integrated a SEO Assistant into our editor. This way, you know your article will reach your audience.
Reach your audience on all the major platforms
Having to publish your content manually on every platform is a time-consuming activity. We've integrated with all the major content platforms, so you only have to click 'publish' to see your content appear on them.
StoryChief really saves me precious time. Now I can spend this time on coaching the writers, fact-checking articles and just getting to a better final result.
Tim Vanhaecke, Editor-In-Chief at Chase
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