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"We've had about 90K views and 30K reads of our content since we started using StoryChief."

Daphné Vermeiren,
Marketing Manager



Raccoons is a technology group that focuses on innovation and disruptive technology. As a technology group, they want to share their expertise through content marketing.

They were looking for a content marketing platform with the complete package, in order to automate their content process and boost their traffic.

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“Vóór StoryChief hebben we heel wat verschillende contentmarketingplatformen geprobeerd, maar geen enkel platform bood het volledige pakket aan. We hadden nog steeds heel wat manueel werk met Facebook scheduling en Google Docs.”

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How we helped


Sharing your knowledge and expertise through content marketing can take a lot of effort. Raccoons wanted to become a thought leader in their niche and acquire new traffic and clients while doing that.

Now, their content process is automated from start to finish within one application, and they can easily measure their blossoming new results.

  • Content marketing process automation
    Instead of having to do everything manually in various platforms, Raccoons can now write and schedule their content ahead of time.
  • Growing their online reach
    Executing a content marketing strategy is only effective when you get high return on investment. Since Raccoons started using StoryChief, they've had 90K more views and 30K reads.
  • Finishing content in hours instead of weeks
    Raccoons' content creation process used to take up weeks, from writing the briefing to publishing their blog posts. Now they can go through this whole process in a matter of hours.

Toen we StoryChief begonnen te gebruiken, konden we ons contentmarketingproces automatiseren. Onze blogs blijven nu geen weken meer liggen. We kunnen nu onze content op enkele dagen tijd afwerken.