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Roularta Media Group

"Thanks to StoryChief, we can now publish to different channels with one simple click. That saves us a lot of time, and it is, of course, also a lot easier."

Iris Ghyselen, Campaign Manager
About Roularta Media Group
Roularta Media Group is a Belgian multimedia company and market leader when it comes to magazines, local Flemish media and business-television. Besides that, they're continuously scouting innovative companies in order to improve their internal processes.

For their 'Mijn Stad' project, an online community of the biggest Flemish cities, they were looking to streamline their content creation and content distribution process.
"We used to publish our content on Facebook through the backend of the web version of our app. Unfortunately, we were unable to schedule messages for this, so our online presence was often not noticed at ideal times."
How we helped Roularta Media group
Before Roularta Media Group started working with StoryChief, they couldn't schedule when their content went out. This meant a lot of manual labour for the content team.

Because this process consumed a lot of time, they started using StoryChief and saw almost instantly an increase in productivity.
Easy switching between accounts
For the 'Mijn Stad' project, Roularta Media Group needed to manage multiple accounts for the different Flemish cities. Thanks to StoryChief, they switch between their accounts without logging out.
Multi-step process in one single application
Before any content goes out, it all starts with an in-app editorial brief. Team members can comment on copywriting and before they hit 'publish', they can request the approval from their editor-in-chief.
Roularta's Innovation department scouts the world of startups, scale-ups, technology providers and try to link them to potential problems within our internal business units. It's goal is to increase the operational efficiency and improve the quality of the customer journey. That is how the project of "Mijn Stad" came on the radar, and we found the link with StoryChief as the central content distribution hub for it.
Nick Dutry, Innovator at Roularta Media Group
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